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17 September 2013 @ 10:41 am
[sticky post] [Mod Post] Community Rules  
Welcome to WHATHESUB!? livejournal community! Thank you for stopping by. (:

This fansub group is managed by melllllly (Mel) & midnite_rain (Kurogane).

Like any other fansub community, we too have rules. But fret not, we like to keep things simple and hassle-free. It will be kept this way unless things get out of control.


You need to be a member to access the subtitles. Posting access is restricted to the moderators of the community.

To become a member, all you have to do is click the "join this community" link and wait for us to approve your request. We'd like to know how you found out about us. (:

We're not online 24/7 so please be patient with the approval process. However, if you're still not given approval after 2 to 3 days, please PM us. A word of advice; there's a higher chance of any form of response if you PM me instead of Kurogane.


Please DO NOT share anything you find here anywhere or to anyone. We will post the softsubs on d-addicts as well. If you want to tell others about the subtitles, you may direct people to this community.

Please DO NOT sell or redistribute our work for commercial use. Our subtitles are free.

Please DO NOT upload our work onto any streaming sites. Keep the fansubbing community alive by not supporting streaming sites.

Please DO NOT claim our work as yours.  If you wish to re-translate our subtitles into another language, please PM us for permission first.

We do not own any of the dramas, SPs or movies. We only own the subtitles.

We'll release both softsubs and hardsubs. Hardsubs will be released after the softsubs as we need time to encode and upload the files. If you're the impatient kind, download the softsubs first.

Comments are not necessary when taking the subtitles but very much appreciated. (: It's only nice to thank you, no? I'll read all the comments posted even though I won't reply to everyone of them so I thank you in advance!

Failing to follow any of the bold rules will result in you being banned. We reserve the right to ban any user who breaks the rules. We'd hate to do that so I earnestly seek your cooperation.

For those who are active on Twitter, do follow us at whathesub! Nitty gritty updates will be posted regularly.

With that, I hope you'll enjoy your time here with us! (: