[Mod Post] Community Rules

Welcome to WHATHESUB!? livejournal community! Thank you for stopping by. (:

This fansub group is managed by melllllly (Mel) & midnite_rain (Kurogane).

Like any other fansub community, we too have rules. But fret not, we like to keep things simple and hassle-free. It will be kept this way unless things get out of control.

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We'll release both softsubs and hardsubs. Hardsubs will be released after the softsubs as we need time to encode and upload the files. If you're the impatient kind, download the softsubs first.

Comments are not necessary when taking the subtitles but very much appreciated. (: It's only nice to thank you, no? I'll read all the comments posted even though I won't reply to everyone of them so I thank you in advance!

Failing to follow any of the bold rules will result in you being banned. We reserve the right to ban any user who breaks the rules. We'd hate to do that so I earnestly seek your cooperation.

For those who are active on Twitter, do follow us at whathesub! Nitty gritty updates will be posted regularly.

With that, I hope you'll enjoy your time here with us! (:
Hiro & Taipi

[Announcement] Additional Project for 2013 Fall Season

Firstly, let me thank all 1000+ of you for supporting this community! It's amazing how fast this community is growing and thank you for all the sweet and wonderful comments. I really do read every single one of them.

It took a pretty long time for us to release the first episode of "Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo" but we're happy to see many of you waiting patiently for them! Kurogane is aiming to finish translating episode 2 of the drama by tomorrow.


Our dear translator is really dying to translate "Keiji no Manazashi". So, yes. We will also be subbing this drama in addition to "Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo". We don't know how well we can juggle two dramas but we will try our very best! I'm done timing episode 1 and I really quite like the show. Not to mention, Shiina Kippei is the lead actor.

The only thing I can update regularly is our progress bar situated at our banner. I will post more detailed updates on twitter so do follow our account if you want to know what's going on!

[Announcement] 2013 Fall Season Specials

Hi everyone! We amazingly have 450 members in this community just a few days after we released "Nou Otoko". Thank you very much for your support! I hope you enjoyed the movie as much as the both of us did. Although, to be very honest, we have each watched it at least 3 times while subbing so we're kinda sick of it. Lol. But you can't deny the fact that Toma was amazing in there.

Kurogane will be back from her business trip tonight and will start translating "Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de ~Kazamatsuri Keibu no Jikenbo~". We're aiming to release the subtitles in another 3 days or so but there may be unexpected delays. /edit Oh, there are some delays. We'll try to release them by this week!

Since there are still 2 weeks before "Umi no Ue no Shinryojo" begins airing, we have time for more side projects!

So, we'll be subbing two specials which were recently aired on Fuji TV. "Sabishii Karyuudo" (synopsis can be found here) and "Kindaichi Kosuke vs Akechi Kogoro" (synopsis can be found here)! Yay.

I only have one question, do you know if any other fansub group is picking up these specials? If yes, we won't sub them because there will be a conflict of interest.

[Announcement] Project for 2013 Fall Season & Side Projects

Both of us have gone through the list of dramas which will be aired in fall and there are plenty of interesting dramas that have caught our attention. Since there are only two of us, we'll pick up one series for now. We'll pick up another series if we think that we're able to manage without compromising our personal lives.

We are happy to announce that we'll be subbing "Umi no Ue no Shinryojo", starring Matsuda Shota, Takei Emi and Fukushi Shota! The drama is set to start airing on 14 October 2013; it will air on Mondays. You may want to head down to jdramas for the synopsis.

There are still 4 weeks before the drama starts airing. And that means we have time for side projects! (:

As stated in our introduction post, we'll be subbing "Nou Otoko" for our first project. Kurogane has watched it and she highly recommends this. I myself have been anticipating to watch this movie ever since the trailer was out! We can't give you a definite date on when the subs will be out since we're still settling the nitty gritty stuff but we aim to release the subs latest by next week. We're aware that someone else is also subbing this movie. We're by no means competing with her to see whose subtitles are better. This movie is something that we're both very interested in subbing, thus we picked it up. Please don't make a comparison between the subtitles.

Another side project that we're considering is "Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de ~Kazamatsuri Keibu no Jikenbo~" since nobody has picked it up (please correct me if I'm wrong). Both of us have watched the drama and movie and we love Kazamatsuri!

Well, that's all from us for now. Our little progress status bar is situated on the left of our banner. We'll update the status regularly to keep you informed of our progress.

[Mod Post] Introduction

Hello! I don't know how you came to find the existence of this page but welcome!

A friend and I have been working separately on dramas in the past and we've decided to come together to set up this fansub group to provide subs to the English speaking community who love to watch Japanese dramas as much as the both of us do. We strive to provide high quality subs and to release them as fast as we can, depending on how busy we are with our lives. I seek your understanding if the subs take a little longer than usual to be released. Of course, I'll update you guys on our progress along the way. It's always nice to know what's going on right?

The community is locked but all you have to do is click the "join community" button and I'll accept your request as soon as possible.

Our target is to sub one drama series each season but we may sub movies or SPs if we're interested in them. Subs will be released in softsubs and hardsubs. For now, we have not decided on what series to sub for the upcoming 2013 Fall season but we're going to sub the movie "Nou Otoko" for our first project! So keep a look out for it. (:

I'll also be uploading softsubs and hardsubs of "Kyuumei Byoto 24-ji Season 5" here. I only released softsubs for this drama, which was aired last season, on d-addicts. I'm now encoding and uploading the hardsubs. Hopefully I can post them up soon.

Edit: We've got our layout up and it's related to our first project! Once we've settled down, we'll start subbing.